Sunday 25 September 2022

DJ Nanobot - Mixcloud Live broadcast

It’s been a while….

Nanobot returns with a Mixcloud Live broadcast, Sunday Sept 25th 2022.…20220925-135909/

DJ mix - Vinyl and DVS

uploaded in lo-res. support the artists. buy direct.

Obergman - Cyclic Multiverse
J. Mono - Izolal
Gosub - Quarter Roy
Jeremiah R - Bioluminescence
Creepy Autograph - You Look So Sexy (Body)
Gosub - Sunday At Battle Ship Key
Pip Williams & DeFeKT - Error In Replication
Pip Williams & DeFeKT - Aerodyne
London Modular Alliance - Tinker
ADJ - Subsonic Machines
Carl Finlow - Monomaniac
Clatterbox - Executive Toy
Clatterbox - Space Tourist
=UHU= - Brothers From The Sky
Underground Resistance - Afrogermanic
Dark Energy - Hidden In Plain Site
Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Level 8 - UK74R1510039
Jeff Mills - Earth And The Geo-Cosmos
Rob Hood - Protein Valve 1 (Re-Plant)
Planetary Assault System - Tri Fn Trp
Aleksi Perälä - Starlight 2 - 01 UK74R1824010
Albert Chiovenda - All Fucked Up 
Apex Twin - A3 T18A pole1
Autechre - Exai-003 - prac-f
Stanislav Tolkachev - Delayed Gratification
Ben Pest - Greta Recognise 
Vytear - Exit Extinction 
EDM - Give the Amiga some (Shanz Mix)
Neil Landstrumm - Night Walker
Sugar Experiment Station - Weapon Eyes
the wee djs - Reveal - Refear
Luxus Varta - Lizzy
MP Productions - Be Like Water

Saturday 23 July 2022

Signal Jammer DJ set for Organic Analogue

Born in Lagash - Melted

Kangding Ray - Amarillo

Claudio Prc - La Madrugada

HVL - Velvet

Machine Lab - Biology

Overmono - So U Kno

Douala - Mysteries of Life

Owain K - New Horizon

Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik - Basic Needs

Maus & Stolle - Adore

paawl - Rebound

Morphology - Qualia (John Shima Remix)

Arno - Empire State Open

Kassian - Aerial

Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw

Duplex - Scenes Of A Life

Machine Lab - From The Depths

John Beltran - Going Uphill

Sterac - TR-15

Mike Dehnert - Endroit

Atlante Group - Ultra Mimetism (home made - Abdel Tchoppard Mix)

Vince Watson - Aurelon

VIL & Cravo - Fuck This Dub

Gunjack - Bleach

HVL - Stereo Rainbow

Johannes Volk - Keep Going

Kirk Degiorgio - Arc Mode (Mark Broom Remix)

HVL - Journey Will Go On

Jody Kendrick - Kaptcha Acid (VIP Mix)

Another Alias - Swine of The Month

Surgeon - The Golden Sea

Szmer - Pulse

Sterac - Lost Track 22


Tim Taylor & DJ Slip - Pleasure Unit (Jerome Hill Remix)

Clouds - DJ Silver

Müzmin - Trenches

Planetary Assault Systems - Screen (Rework)

Jose Monslave - Destination Sub

Thursday 9 January 2020

Phat Chex - Red Rum mix

Nanobot - Fnoob Radio mix

DJ mix by Nanobot broadcast on Fnoob Radio Dec 19. 


Lory D - Ghill
Dez Williams - Foreign Object
Wee Dj’s - Atmo
Nonima - Terrestrial Hybrid
NRSB-11 - Shadow Corp
Youngman & Landstrumm - Facial Transplant
Kangding Ray - Thar
Adam X - Sheer Insanity
The Mover - Stars Collapse
Adam X - Its All Relative
Lory D - Bass and the City
The Mover - Shadow Deception
Neil Landstrumm - League of Garage
Blawan - Vented
Michael Forshaw - Energise
Hooverian Blur - Alcatraz
AQXDM - Roam
Regis - Speak to Me
Jensen Interceptor - Biometric
Kamikaze Space Programme - Quarks
Planetary Assault Systems - Tri Fn Trp
Galaxian - Days of Rage
The Wee DJ’s - Frackin
The Ghost That Walks - Tazers in the Sun
The Ghost That Walks - The Devil’s Kiss
The Advent - Wasper
Surgeon - Radiance
Microthol - Dissonanz
The Hacker - Body Electric
Radar - Cyclotron
AFX - serge fenix Rendered 2
Paul Birken - Big Rig Barnacle
The Kosmik Kommando - P
The Horn - Quandom
The Fear Ratio - Guv Three
Mark Hawkins Feat. The Horrorist - The Doomsday Clock
Cristian Vogel - Gigantic Tautological Machinery
Dark Energy - Stargate

Wednesday 21 November 2012

NLOS-LS - nanobot dj mix

utilizing the abandoned 'rockets in a box' US military weapons programme
NLOS-LS 'Non Line Of Sight Launch System'
maximum yield, minimum footprint
with no fuss easy set-up and pack down instructions included.

Grey Goo - Lost Transmissions - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - VLF Device - Micron Audio Detroit
DJ Stingray - Know Your Enemy - UTTU
Univac - Radiation - Untitled B2 - Bunker 3092
Electronome - Minimal Dope - Viewlexx
Lory D - Acidattack - Numbers
Sonar Base - Intergalactic Anecdote - Scsi-AV
Ultradyne - Black Panther - Pi Gao Movement
Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice of World Control - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Machine - Satamile
Electronome - Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer - Viewlexx
Adam X - The Cyclone - Sativae
Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation - Frustrated Funk
Dynamix II - Atomic Age - Rephlex
Drexciya - Anti Vapour Waves - Clone
The Ghost That Walks - Urban Jungle - Satamile
Clatterbox - Data Stream - Frustrated Funk
The Wee DJs - Ish - This Machine Is Broken
Q-Chip - Dead Level Abstraction - Bunker
Defekt -  Destroy Your Planet - New Flesh Records
Franck Kartell - Xena - Transient Force
Transportation AAD - U.F.UNK - Darkestral Recordings
The Ghost That Walks - Day of the Freaks - Zyntax Motorcity
Transportation AAD - Last Train To Lexington - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - Signal Analysis - Micron Audio Detroit
The Ghost That Walks - Escape the Curse - Zyntax Motorcity
Industrial Bass Machine - Invisible Force - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Angriest Angel - Satamile

Thursday 15 November 2012

nanobot - Code Front - electro mix

nanobot has been busy analysing data,
to bring you the tracklist for the recent Code Front mix

his processor has been swamped assimilating new music media,
following extensive repair protocols.

back-up procedures are now in place and our trusty droid is now
clearing the backlog ready for the next transmission...

keep your antenna trained on the NONOM Blog for further updates.

Code Front is also available on mixcloud

Klorex 55 - Mijouki
Marco Bernardi - Stormfighter 3.5
Klorex 55 - Nanotechnology
Koova - Flux Tube
Photodementia - Synovium
Son of Cybotron - Basic Terminology
DJ Overdose Y Mr Pauli - Vamos A La Haya E.P.
Microthol - Supergravity Solutions
Defekt - Aerodyne
The Exaltics - With the Lights Out
Clatterbox - Infinity Pool
Furthr - Fountain
Nanobot - Mr Malankey's Plott
Cygnus - Private Feelings
Morphology - Dalek Invasion
Franck Kartell - Sedna
Dez Williams - Ample
Univac - OSC Music
EOD - Depot Raiders

Tuesday 13 November 2012

nanobot - Secret Places mix

All vinyl mix of the old, the new, the timeless
original house/techno aesthetic
recorded Friday November 9th by nanobot

Mr. Fingers, Chris Mitchell, Fairmount Squad, Powerbass (Kevin Saunderson), Reel By Real (Marty Bonds), 4th Wave, Da Sampla, 365 Black (Mad Mike), House Brigade (Kenny Dope), As One (Kirk Degiorgio), Omar-S, Dj Qu, Love From San Francisco, Andres, Keith Worthy, Shake, Hakim Murphy, Levon Vincent, Redray, Model 500/Mayday, Attica Blues, Bug Orchestra, Infiniti