Friday 11 November 2011

[EVENT] 'The Eleventh Hour'

Nonom Presents...

'The Eleventh Hour'
(The 'No-Nonsense-Music' Phonic FM Fundraiser)

Live from The Exeter Phoenix - 11/11/11 - 8-2PM

The 11th Hour... the future of independent radio is in jeopardy... in light of recent events we have gathered support from members of the electronic music community to aid us in keeping an independent voice alive in Exeter.  No expense spared, all profits go to Phonic FM.


We have great pleasure in presenting to you the following acts to help fight the cause of 'a sound alternative in Exeter'.

Main Room
Radioactive Man (DJ SET)
Jerome Hill (DJ SET - 2 hours)
Galaxian (LIVE)
+ Support from NONOM DJ's

Bar Area
Hot Dub Bikini Party (LIVE)
Majestic Soundsystem + Highest Grade
+ a selection of local DJ's from PHONIC FM

£7.50 Advance tickets (Phoenix box office)
£10.00 OTD 
An absolute bargain

 Arrive early to avoid disappointment as premier UK party wrecker Jerome Hill kicks the night off with a genre-defying selection of hip-hop, funk, techno, bass and all things wonk!  This will be followed by a militant DJ set by the legendary Radioactive Man.  Expect BIG BASS, 808's, robotic vocals, and a massive presence on stage - a balls to the wall electro bass workout!  If that isn't enough, rounding out the night will be a visceral live set of post-apocalyptic proportions from Scottish electro maverick Galaxian.
The bar area will be taking things on a slightly different level, with the amazing Hot Dub Bikini party.  Having just finished and released thier first album (The Fever), their 6pc band play an amazing live show of Dub, Reggae, Ska, Folk, and funk infused musical ecstacty - guaranteed to get you skanking like you've never skanked before.  If you have never seen these guys before then you are in for a big treat.  Supporting with will be the Majestic Soundsystem & Highest Grade, pumping reggae vibes to keep those behinds wiggling, and faces smiling during those somewhat tedious bar trips!
  • Powered by ProPa and their amazing Funktion One system.
  • Visuals by Tequila Dave

Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man is Keith Tenniswood, a producer and DJ known mainly for his partnership with Andrew Weatherall in The Two Lone Swordsman. Now years on from their last album together Radioactive Man is ready to unleash new solo material.

From a very young age when electronic music was kicking off throughout his home town of Weybridge and spreading to the raves in and around London, Keith soon became part of this collective from his meeting with Andrew Weatherall in the Sabres of Paradise Days. This started off Keith’s sonic deployment in the studio for Sabres linking his to the likes of David Holmes, Beth Orton, The Aloof, Red Snapper, Primal Scream, Jon Carter and Barry Ashworth, all previous to the band that he is always referred to being the other half of - Two Lone Swordsmen.

Two Lone Swordmen still have a firm hold on the heart strings of a generation and a time in electronic music, the album Tiny Reminders now has a ‘classic album’ status, with its raw machine funk and the depth of bass and soul that Keith has made his speciality.

His first album as Radioactive Man was self titled, released on Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club label in 2001, his first solo long player from years in the studio had finally come together and the track that every artist has, and is always known the most for, Uranium, he shows he’s not only able to make bangers but truly emotionally stirring music. He then went on to become one of the first artists to contribute to fabric’s still to this day relevant and defining mix series. Booby Trap, is most definitely ‘a bit of a banger’ (his own words).
What soon became apparent is that Keith knows no genre, every track is distinct from the other but is always distinctly him. Full of Keith’s personality, as big in the flesh and on stage as in the music.

Come 2004, Two Lone Swordsmen’s Double Gone Chapel album released on Warp had shocked some from industry to fans from moving from electronica to both Weatherall and Tenniswood’s original inspirations dub and rock n roll. It was a new era for the partnership Keith on bass and guitar, Andrew on vocals and processed through the Two Lone Swordsman studio came the second phase of TLS.

Things then went quiet for TLS as both ventured into other projects, Keith decided to work with Christopher D Ashley playing guitar in his live band on the back of his Cruel Romantics album for Sunday Best as his third solo album Growl was released by Control Tower with the help of fabric.

Since Growl, Keith’s seen a few releases on his friend’s labels, one a collaboration with Luke Dumbstruck on Paul Blackford’s pure and resilient electro label Militant Science and Richard Wigglesworth’s Tudor Beats, a place for Wigglesworth’s explorative analogue acid output - both labels dedicated to two distinct niche sounds of underground electronics. This shows us something else unique about Keith, he does his own thing not what’s hot the moment, it’s always about real music and real people for him.

That leaves us with the many other tracks created by Keith frustratingly gathering static on his hard drive, a full album’s worth. Putting that album out however wasn’t a simple story, but now, finally it’s going to be released in the best format possible by the best people for the job from the heart of the scene that Radioactive Man was born into - WANG Trax.

Jerome Hill
DJ, Scratcher and Dot Joiner.

Jerome has an energetic DJ style with a strong presence behind the decks and has always believed in pushing things towards their limits, musically and technically through real time remixing and scratching using vinyl and two turntables, shunning the modern day image of the dj as someone sitting behind their laptop doing nothing, in a Jerome Hill set, there'll always be something to see, something changing, happening or about to happen.

Jerome Hill started DJing in 1990 and since his first residency on infamous 90's soundsystem 'JIBA', playing illicit warehouse parties across London and the UK he continues to bring his own take on electronic music to world renown hotspots Tresor (Berlin), House of God (Birmingham), Eurobeat 2000 (London), Circuito (Sao Paulo), Glade Festival (UK) and numerous other fun places!

Jerome has played tiny sweatboxes and massive clubs and festivals all around the world from Japan to Venezuala, Poland to Malta, Germany to Brazil.

Jerome is involved with and resident DJ at UK party/club Uglyfunk, which has been a mainstay in the capital for many years showcasing the type of techno that beatport doesn't want you to hear!

For seven years ending in 2004 he managed Camden Town's 'Dragon Disks' and 'Trackheads' record shops, punting out all manor of weird and wonderful music to London and it's visitors..

His label " Don't " has been releasing maverick technoid music since 2000 and his productions can be found on many other labels.

The New label Fat Hop (and new Pseudonym Itsu Uno) has kicked off with a bang, the releases topping charts and selling out fast and now a new alliance formed with a legendary hip hop crew (more on that later) means that there's much more to come!

His eclecticity and genuine love of music enables him to spin many different styles with his own style stamped on them .. from thundering techno, Breaks, electro, old skool right through to low slung funk, dancehall and party hiphop…. Although his favourite sets are the long ones where he incorporates all of the above and more.. A surprise is always just around the corner!

 Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the grimey murder capital of Europe provides the perfect environment for Galaxian's distinctive take to the electronic sound.

Influenced by the purveyor's of classic Detroit techno, UK electronica and more recently the myriad hybrid sounds and styles which are now at the forefront of electronic music. His mutant sound incorporates dark atmospherics, quirky and strange electronics, menacing baseline’s and creeping groove's fused with full on, twisted, mind warping hi-tek funk.

With a diverse and varied approach to sound production he fuses a variety of different styles and has found favour with discerning DJs and audiences from genres as diverse as electronica, dubstep , techno and electro.  An uncompromising approach and non conformist attitude deliver an ever evolving sound which is at once captivating, innovative and forward thinking.

Inspired by such subjects as imperialism, history, propaganda, psychology, political ideologies and their misuse's in the social structure and culture.  Sometime's disturbing, sometime's unsettling.  Never dull.

So far 2011 has been a busy year for Galaxian having played at a number of events around the UK. Absorbing live shows are powerful, intense and unforgettable experiences.
Currently releasing on a number of well respected labels in the USA and UK.  An EP recently released on Napalm Enema Records, an album released to rave reviews on premier electro label Transient Force, upcoming EP on DJ Stingrays label Micron Audio Detroit and a host of other exciting vinyl releases due in 2011.  Constantly pushing the musical boundaries, Galaxians unique and iconoclastic style continues to solidify his growing reputation as one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent times.

Hot Dub Bikini Party
 Bio coming soon...

Monday 31 October 2011

NONOM Halloween Special - Phonic FM

As K.A.B. is to Antonio Bay, the NONOM Halloween special was loosed upon the Exeter airwaves via Phonic 106.8 FM October 29, 2011...
NONOM did battle with the zombie horde, surviving to fight again their scant reward...
unleashing a barrage of hackle-raising mutant music from Drexciya, Jimi Hendrix, Delia D, Autechre, Kuedo, Dexorcist, Zwischenwelt, Kassem Mosse, Regis, The Criminal Minds, The Bastard Suns, Big L, Kool Keith, Deltron, Roel Funcken, Galaxian and Codename V...

This is not for those faint of heart, parental caution is advised...
don't want to scare the kiddywinks... or do we?

for full tracklist visit mixcloud

Remember, remember the 11th of November
NONOM presents 'THE 11th HOUR' PHONIC FM Fundraiser

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Signal Jammer playing at Beats and Bass Society vs. Late Night Rollers 12/8

On Friday 12th August get yourselves down to the Cavern, Exeter for a very special Beats and Bass and Late Night Rollers club night. (SEE BELOW)

We will be (as per) pumping out the best in Dance music today with sets from members of Beats and Bass, Nonom, Rinseout and Dibdub.

LNR (late night rollers drum and bass) is a new night hitting exeter very soon. Playing only the finest, steady, rolling drum and bass bizniz. Mixed strictly on vinyl. No set times for the LNR boys either, with some of exeters best d&b DJs playing together, B2B, keeping it fresh.

9-10 EL PARNEL (Beats and Bass) -
10-11 PSYPHER (Beats and Bass)

FREE B4 9.30

Thursday 21 July 2011


This gets better & better, two nights for the price of one...!!!

MAIN ROOM - Bristol promotions outfit MORPH is pround to present one half of the much coveted Instra:mental. JON CONVEX will be displaying his slower paced, more club based alter ego for this Bristol exclusive. Describing his own brand of electronica as 'electronic party music', this performance promises to set Timbuk2 alight. Morph will also be showcasing another alter ego in the form of RETROTEK, more commonly known as Bristol's very own dubstep producer Wedge.

Joining the line-up in the Main Room Nonom & Brockout join forces for the first time in Bristol to bring you DEZ WILLIAMS (Elektronik Religion/Warm Data) who in spite of a busy release schedule pulls no punches with an incendiary live set of all new material that is not to be missed.

BAR ROOM - The NONOM DJs are joined by the room shaking JE:5 in Room 2 to complete all killer no filler' night of No Nonsense Music covering Electro, Detroit Techno, Chicago Acid, House, Funky, Mutant Bass, Juke/Jit, and much more...

Room one:
Electronica / House / Techno

JON CONVEX (Instra:mental / Naked Lunch)

DEZ WILLIAMS LIVE (Elektronik Religion/Warm Data)

++support from++

Room two:
No-Nonsense Music

JE:5 (Krankenhaus/Slidebar Recordings)


TIMBUK2 - 11PM - 5AM - £7


Holy Island, an island off of the coast of North Wales is where Dez Williams begun spinning wax at an early age and now maintains his humble analogue / digital studio. Isolated from the marketing, fashion and pretentious attitudes that plague the music industry, Dez is free to express himself through his machines. Safe from this environment he is unconstrained and has no urge to conform with any ideal or aesthetic and thus his electronic music is pure self expression. A window into his soul. His day job at an electronic components factory means that he is no stranger to repetition, rhythm and electronics. His sound is perhaps a product of his daily grind with boredom, escapism, events in his life and a long term passion for technology, horror and science fiction. Inspired by many of the classic Chicago / Detroit / electro / techno producers, like the finest, his sound is unique, uncompromising and unpredictable. His vision of techno is deep and futuristic with a heavy dose of funk. Dez's passion for sound and the darker side of the human spirit compels him to create tracks on an almost daily basis and he sits on an incredibly vast archive of cassettes, mini-discs and CD's of his work. Yet his reclusive nature dictates that his release schedule remains sparse. His tracks can range from driving techno, to melancholy and dark synthesizer orchestrations, ghostly deep listening, straight up electro cuts and beyond. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, within his sounds are vast amounts of detail for the listener to decipher. Emotions transmitted through mathematics and code. Williams' tracks have found their way into the sets of DJ's like Dave Clarke, Adam X, John Peel, Ellen Allien, Mike Dred and Rob Hall. He has constantly retained an underground / cult fanbase. His debut LP 'Elektronik Religion' for the SCSI label was hailed as "One of the very few truly great electro albums of the new century". Dez remains true to the underground and simply creates for the love and need to do so. The mark of a true artist. He continues to DJ and play live sets and has had releases on a variety of labels including Acruacreee, Ai, Cheap, SCSI, Blase, Voodoo, and Ben Sims' Native imprint...

Catch Dez WIlliams & The NONOM DJs weekly shows 7-11pm Wednesdays via the PIMP portal​tal/home/radio-an-tv


More info and promo materials coming soon...

Wednesday 6 July 2011


Dez Williams' third album on Warm Data entitled 'Kollektion', concluding a trilogy for the label, is a fourteen track opus of deeply immersive styles, cutting a broad swathe through the electronic music landscape.

At once harking back to the 'golden age' of UK techno from the likes of B12, Black Dog and Aphex Twin, whilst tracing the arc of influence back to Detroit via the ultra smooth yet urgent 4/4 pulse of 'Surplus' and in the case of '4ling (Voxless)' further still to the proto-techno origins of Kraftwerk.

Elsewhere, the langourous Slomo and submersive Caltraon, give a nod to the more stripped down leanings of the contemporary German techno sound. The darker electro snap of 'The Ability' and the unsettling menace of 'Dominant' acting as counterpoint. The more introspective electronics of tracks like the cunningly titled 'Habbrakadabrac' or selective ambience of 'Fex2', serve to clear the palette ready for the next welcome deviation in sound.

An accomplished anthology with broad appeal for deeper floors and contemplative head-spaces alike, and a good introduction to this long serving and prolific UK DJ and producer. Offering the listener a wonderfully varied selection, each strong enough to stand alone, yet working as a cohesive and involving listen when heard as a whole.

the album is available now on Bandcamp
DEZ WILLIAMS - Kollektion

For the label back-catalogue and info

For the live experience be sure to check out
Dez's Elektronik Religion show Wednesday 7-8pm GMT

Saturday 2 July 2011

DJ FUNK at Timbuk2, Bristol - July 29th, 2011

Bristol's Timbuk2 have left us awestruck with consistently stellar bookings featuring, for us at least, some of the biggest names in the business that, in an ideal world, should require no introduction or overt hype - DJ Godfather, Dave Clarke, Egyptian Lover, Marcel Dettmann, Space Dimension Controller, Marco Passarani, Jerome Hill, Soundstream, Function to name a few... that list continues to grow on July 29th-30th as IST DAS & BROCKOUT give us the addition of two more names, DJ FUNK and LEGOWELT.

The NONOM DJs will be warming up for DJ FUNK on the Friday night with a tight and deep selection of true school house and techno to get the party simmering before DJ Funk steps up to tear the floor apart...

For the real heads that 'recog', we'll see you there, front and centre.
For the rest, its about time you set that alarm.


AUGUST 19th - NONOM/BROCKOUT feat. DEZ WILLIAMS and JE5 - Timbuk2, Bristol

Friday 1 July 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #005 - Side B

01. Conforce 'The Land of the Highway'
02. Lowtec 'Running Elephant'
03. Floating Points 'Vacuum Boogie'
04. Kassem Mosse '2-Untitled'
05. Dexercist 'Revolt'
06. Tin Man 'Love and Sex Acid'
07. Jus-Ed presents Nina Kraviz 'Voices (RMX DJ QU)'
08. Steffen Baldo 'Ends Meets'
09. Ed Chamberlain 'Styge'

Released by: Slugrave
Release/catalogue number: SLUGRAVE005
Release date: May 27, 2011

Slugrave Mixtape #005 - Side B by slugrave

Sunday 26 June 2011

DJ Stingray Electronic Explorations Show 158

Tactical support for Z-bop from DJ Stingray on his latest show for Electronic Explorations.
A cracking tracklist featuring 'Storm Drain' by Clatterbox available from Trust and 'Aurora' by Goliath available from Z-bop.


Saturday 25 June 2011

NONOM Radio show on Phonic 25/6/11

NONOM Show live tonight from 8-10pm on Phonic Fm 106.8 fm in the Exeter area or online at Expect the finest underground electronics for your audioable pleasure :)

Thursday 23 June 2011

NONOM SWU Archive June 21, 2011

Markutz and Nanobot working overtime this week with 2hrs 30 mins feat. exclusive tracks from Matt O'Brien, Phat Chex and Markutz plus music from Sterac, Forward Strategy Group, Anokie, Kosmik Kommando, Armando, 69, Air, Wisp and much, much more...

Sci-fi electro, finest techno/house, deep electronics, future bass... and French pop.

Visit the SWU Archive for 

Wednesday 22 June 2011

The Presence - Fly in the works [MIX]

Here is a lovely new mix from the one like 'The Presence'.  A quality selection of No Nonsense House & Techno perfect for every occasion - Rock it on/in the iPod/Car/Kitchen/Club.... Anywhere really!


Tuesday 21 June 2011

Facebook - From Group to Page

The old GROUP is being archived by the powers that be at facebook, so we have started the migration process to the PAGE format.
Please come and join us and 'LIKE' the new page, to stay up to date with all news, reviews, releases, events, and mixes from Nonom/Z-Bop/and the rest of the electronic spectrum.

Monday 20 June 2011

Nonom - QR CODE

Scan me!


11/11/11 - Put this date in your diaries - Full line-up coming very soon.  A night of cutting edge electronic music raising much needed funds for Exeter's PHONIC FM.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Nanobot - Wacky Tapas mix - June 17, 2011

Electro and lashings of bass with a side order of techno to go...

Marco Bernardi - Oohran - Frustrated Funk 
Boddika - You Tell Me - Non Plus    
Dez Williams - Modern Day Slavery - Concrete Plastic           
Galaxian - Can Do Everything - Doppelganger
Dexter - Fat Skinny People - Clone
Jon Convex - Order Into Chaos - 3024
Blawan - Kaz - R&S
Anstam - Carmichael - 50 Weapons  
AS1 - Within Me - Transient Force
The Exaltics - We Want But We Can't - Transient Force
Roel Funcken - fiction stub - Ad Noiseam              
Instra:mental - Thomp - Non Plus         
Om Unit - The Timps - Civil Music
AFX - Isopropophlex - Mighty Force          
Egyptrixx - Liberation Front - Night Slugs
Elecktroids - Japanese Electronics - Warp
Instra:Mental - 8 - Non Plus
Dexter - Space_Booty - Clone
Jon Convex - Convexations - 3024
DJ T-1000 -'bout To Bang (feat DJ Bone - Ben Sims remix) - Theory
Mark du Mosch - Mice vs Cat - SD Records

Saturday 18 June 2011

NONOM Show - Phonic FM - Sat June 16th 8-10pm

NONOM on Phonic Fm 8-10pm tonight. no-nonsense music for future dancefloors with music from Marco Bernardi, Dez Williams, Galaxian, Jon Convex, Dexter, The Exaltics, Roel Funcken, Japanese Telecom, AFX, Egyptrixx, Instra:mental, Om Unit, Blawan, DJ T-1000 & many more... liston online via or 106.8FM (Exeter)

Friday 17 June 2011

New Site


Welcome to the all new Nonom webspace, albeit still 'under construction'. As our pursuit of sonic excellence continues apace we decided to move to the blogspot platform for a more efficient delivery of no-nonsense music.

Don't worry you can still find all the links from our previous site via the 'Navigation' section on the sidebar.

Nonom/Z-Bop HQ have some big things lined-up in the coming months and we will be working to migrate much of the old site whilst bringing you news, reviews, previews, event & release info, mixes and radio shows aplenty.

Keep it locked!

Kind Regards
The Facebook Group

SWU Radio Archive - June 14, 2011

This weeks SWU archive available to download or stream from the SWU site.

Featuring new music from Lory D, Roman Lindau, Jon Convex, Dexter and many more...


Markutz - Formation Mix 2011

So Markutz done did a little mix the other day... Here it is...

The Path - 2AM/FM
Silver Mine   - Heib
Rudiments (James Teejs Periodic Table Tennis) - Matthias Vogt
Wound Up - Marcel Dettmann (Wincent Kunth Remix)
Lyrate - Marcel Dettmann
Brown Noising - Hakan Lidbo
TeilfolgeLucy - Mike Dehnert
Lucy - Lav (Peter Van Hoesen remix)
Emerge 1 (Processed original mix) - Vainqueur
Darkside - Energun
Freedom Recourse - Energun
Autonation - Sit On The Bass (Autonation original 1991 mix)
2E-03 - Original Mix - Oliver Dodd
Maxx & 3Phazegenerator - AntiCentre
Tension In New York - Original Mix - Neil Landstrumm
Check The Potatoes - Mark Hawkins
Earthquaker (Original Mix) - Green Velvet
Acida - Original Mix - Technasia, Renato Cohen
What's With 1996 - Ben Pest

nanobot - Techno 101

Techno mix from nanobot featuring new tracks from Mike Holmes/JE5, Lory D, Roman Lindau, Surgeon and our friendly neighbourhood Hoodlum among others...

DOWNLOAD 320kbps

Mike Holmes - The Demise (JE5s Brutal Demise Remix) - IF?  
Lory D - Acid Prastix - Numbers          
Roman Lindau - Crasse - Fachwerk
Tommy Four Seven - Ratu - CLR
Hoodlum - Phosphoric - unreleased
Surgeon - those who do not - Dynamic Tension
Forward Strategy Group - Arcnet - Perc Trax
Tommy Four Seven - Snout - CLR      
Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milkyway Surgeon Remix - CLR      
Sandwell District - Speed And Sound ( Regis Z-Arts Lab Mix ) - Sandwell District        
Surgeon - the power of doubt - Dynamic Tension
Forward Strategy Group - Token Ring - Perc Trax

Sunday 22 May 2011

nanobot - thereelwerkzovertime

stream from mixcloud above or grab the 320kbps here DOWNLOAD
mix broadcast on the NONOM Show on Phonic FM - 23rd May 2011

Opening track is taken from Dez Williams' forthcoming 'Kollektion' on Warm Data. This anthology covers alot of sonic ground and comes highly recommended.
Will add release date and info here soon...

Another Welsh electro maestro Synchronoise takes us to 'Turkey Stick City' - a funk bomb thats reminding me of Jedi Knights production with the kick of Bubblebath era AFX.
Get connected and follow his intergalactic exploits...

Got to tip my hat to fellow Z-bopper Clatterbox with the exclusive track 'Tipping Point'

Loads of new releases to check in this mix as well as classic material from Anthony 'Shake' Shakir including the hard to find Schematic on KMS.

I hope you will enjoy this selection as much as I did putting it together, as always mad respect to all artists featured.
We’re back on Phonic FM this Saturday 30th, 8-10pm. 
Dez Williams - Yakyak 
Roman Flugel - Dishes & Wishes - Live at Robert Johnson
Marcellus Pittman - You Want Me (Never) - Seventh Sign
Shake - Mr. Gone Is Back Again - Frictional
Bernard Herrmann - The .44 Magnum Is a Monster
Shake - Mr. Gone Is Back Again - Frictional
Kassem Mosse - No Peace No Love No Unity - Mikrodisko
Stinkworx - MKB - WT Records
The Abstract Eye - The Unseen - Valentine Connexion
Morphology - Origins Of Life - Zyntax Motorcity
The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else - Valentine Connexion
Claude Young – Second Experience - Frictional
Peverelist - Dance til the Police Come - Hessle Audio
214 - Strackted - Car Crash Set
October - Memory Man - Caravan
Morphosis - Androids among Us (Just for One Day Remix) - Delsin, MOS Recordings, Morphine Records
Los Hermanos - OlmecmyBRO
Marc Mac - Backspin - Twisted Funk
Martin_Patton - Mr Shambles - Pest COntrol
Linkwood - Nectarine - Prime Numbers
Jitterbug - Speakers_Corner - Uzuri
Jedi Knights - Air Drums From Outer Bongolia
Shake - Spectre - Frictional
Schematic - Shock Therapy - KMS
Millie & Andrea - Ever Since You Came Down - Daphne
Synchronoise - Turkey Stick City
THe Hasbeens - You & Me (vocal) - Clone West Coast Series
Zwischenwelt - Remote Viewer - Rephlex
Novamen - We Love - Viewlexx
Arpanet - Illuminated Displays - Record Makers
Clatterbox - Tipping Point - unreleased
Time Light Curve - Acidlab - AC Records
Automatic Tasty - Ive Missed the Last Bus Home - Lunar Disko
Anokie - Highwall - Zyntax Motorcity
Ron Deacon - Untitled B1 - Workshop
Actress - Machine And Voice - Nonplus
Aardvarck - Caramel
A Guy Called Gerald - Pacific Samba - Laboratory Instinct
Theo Parrish - Black Mist - Sound Signature
Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops - M>O>S
Morphosis - Dirty Matter (NWAQ's Via Mezzacapo Dub) 
Sandwell District - Immolare ( Version ) 
Youandme feat. Mark Broom - Bournewood (Sndhck mix) - Rotary Cocktail
Wireman - To The Sleeper - Inner Surface Music
Conforce - Spoiled - Clone Basement Series
Erell Ranson - The Last Conclusion (newtownsoulrmx) - Electrosouls Recordings
Submersible_Machines - Upwelling - Lunar Disko
Star Trek OST

Monday 9 May 2011

Signal Jammer - Interstellar Medium

Techno mix from the Jammer...!
Sigha & Spherix - Seperation
Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous Le Sable
Sigha - Shake
Ryan Crosson - Don't Look Further
Marcel Dettmann - Apron
Infiniti - Game One (Steve Rachmad Remix)
Oni Ayhun - Oar003 (Side A)
Raiz - Keep Secrets - Jerome Sydenham & Funktion Remix
Peter Van Hoesen - Dystopian Romance
Delta Funktionen - Ones Space
Raiz - Been Caught
Museum - She Was Asking For It
Mark Williams - Pound The Beat
Planetary Assault Systems - Gt - Function & Jerome Sydenham Remix
O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son
Axel Karakasis - Rubber
Aubrey - Dark (Mike Parker Remix)

Monday 2 May 2011

The Presence - Spanner in the Ointment

SpannerInTheOintment by The Presence

Pleased to see it looks like the recent knee surgery isn’t going to scupper any mixing plans of The Presence who here delivers a deep and engaging four to the floor session.
Omar S & Kai Alce - Inconigro
Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk
Franco Cangelli - Frantic
Diego - Cricificado
Shlomi Aber - The Glooming
Ibex - Inner Light
Kirk DeGiorgio - Swarm
Quince - Rockit
Oliver Dodd - The Calling
Mika Vainio - Aaltovaihe
Samuli Kemppi - Crunch
Kirk DiGeorgio - Amongst the Olive Trees
Truncate - Contrastes 2 (Santiago Salazar rmx)
Oscar Mulero - Horses
Cosmin TRG - Separat