Wednesday 6 July 2011


Dez Williams' third album on Warm Data entitled 'Kollektion', concluding a trilogy for the label, is a fourteen track opus of deeply immersive styles, cutting a broad swathe through the electronic music landscape.

At once harking back to the 'golden age' of UK techno from the likes of B12, Black Dog and Aphex Twin, whilst tracing the arc of influence back to Detroit via the ultra smooth yet urgent 4/4 pulse of 'Surplus' and in the case of '4ling (Voxless)' further still to the proto-techno origins of Kraftwerk.

Elsewhere, the langourous Slomo and submersive Caltraon, give a nod to the more stripped down leanings of the contemporary German techno sound. The darker electro snap of 'The Ability' and the unsettling menace of 'Dominant' acting as counterpoint. The more introspective electronics of tracks like the cunningly titled 'Habbrakadabrac' or selective ambience of 'Fex2', serve to clear the palette ready for the next welcome deviation in sound.

An accomplished anthology with broad appeal for deeper floors and contemplative head-spaces alike, and a good introduction to this long serving and prolific UK DJ and producer. Offering the listener a wonderfully varied selection, each strong enough to stand alone, yet working as a cohesive and involving listen when heard as a whole.

the album is available now on Bandcamp
DEZ WILLIAMS - Kollektion

For the label back-catalogue and info

For the live experience be sure to check out
Dez's Elektronik Religion show Wednesday 7-8pm GMT

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