Thursday, 9 January 2020

Phat Chex - Red Rum mix

Nanobot - Fnoob Radio mix

DJ mix by Nanobot broadcast on Fnoob Radio Dec 19. 


Lory D - Ghill
Dez Williams - Foreign Object
Wee Dj’s - Atmo
Nonima - Terrestrial Hybrid
NRSB-11 - Shadow Corp
Youngman & Landstrumm - Facial Transplant
Kangding Ray - Thar
Adam X - Sheer Insanity
The Mover - Stars Collapse
Adam X - Its All Relative
Lory D - Bass and the City
The Mover - Shadow Deception
Neil Landstrumm - League of Garage
Blawan - Vented
Michael Forshaw - Energise
Hooverian Blur - Alcatraz
AQXDM - Roam
Regis - Speak to Me
Jensen Interceptor - Biometric
Kamikaze Space Programme - Quarks
Planetary Assault Systems - Tri Fn Trp
Galaxian - Days of Rage
The Wee DJ’s - Frackin
The Ghost That Walks - Tazers in the Sun
The Ghost That Walks - The Devil’s Kiss
The Advent - Wasper
Surgeon - Radiance
Microthol - Dissonanz
The Hacker - Body Electric
Radar - Cyclotron
AFX - serge fenix Rendered 2
Paul Birken - Big Rig Barnacle
The Kosmik Kommando - P
The Horn - Quandom
The Fear Ratio - Guv Three
Mark Hawkins Feat. The Horrorist - The Doomsday Clock
Cristian Vogel - Gigantic Tautological Machinery
Dark Energy - Stargate

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NLOS-LS - nanobot dj mix

utilizing the abandoned 'rockets in a box' US military weapons programme
NLOS-LS 'Non Line Of Sight Launch System'
maximum yield, minimum footprint
with no fuss easy set-up and pack down instructions included.

Grey Goo - Lost Transmissions - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - VLF Device - Micron Audio Detroit
DJ Stingray - Know Your Enemy - UTTU
Univac - Radiation - Untitled B2 - Bunker 3092
Electronome - Minimal Dope - Viewlexx
Lory D - Acidattack - Numbers
Sonar Base - Intergalactic Anecdote - Scsi-AV
Ultradyne - Black Panther - Pi Gao Movement
Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice of World Control - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Machine - Satamile
Electronome - Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer - Viewlexx
Adam X - The Cyclone - Sativae
Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation - Frustrated Funk
Dynamix II - Atomic Age - Rephlex
Drexciya - Anti Vapour Waves - Clone
The Ghost That Walks - Urban Jungle - Satamile
Clatterbox - Data Stream - Frustrated Funk
The Wee DJs - Ish - This Machine Is Broken
Q-Chip - Dead Level Abstraction - Bunker
Defekt -  Destroy Your Planet - New Flesh Records
Franck Kartell - Xena - Transient Force
Transportation AAD - U.F.UNK - Darkestral Recordings
The Ghost That Walks - Day of the Freaks - Zyntax Motorcity
Transportation AAD - Last Train To Lexington - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - Signal Analysis - Micron Audio Detroit
The Ghost That Walks - Escape the Curse - Zyntax Motorcity
Industrial Bass Machine - Invisible Force - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Angriest Angel - Satamile

Thursday, 15 November 2012

nanobot - Code Front - electro mix

nanobot has been busy analysing data,
to bring you the tracklist for the recent Code Front mix

his processor has been swamped assimilating new music media,
following extensive repair protocols.

back-up procedures are now in place and our trusty droid is now
clearing the backlog ready for the next transmission...

keep your antenna trained on the NONOM Blog for further updates.

Code Front is also available on mixcloud

Klorex 55 - Mijouki
Marco Bernardi - Stormfighter 3.5
Klorex 55 - Nanotechnology
Koova - Flux Tube
Photodementia - Synovium
Son of Cybotron - Basic Terminology
DJ Overdose Y Mr Pauli - Vamos A La Haya E.P.
Microthol - Supergravity Solutions
Defekt - Aerodyne
The Exaltics - With the Lights Out
Clatterbox - Infinity Pool
Furthr - Fountain
Nanobot - Mr Malankey's Plott
Cygnus - Private Feelings
Morphology - Dalek Invasion
Franck Kartell - Sedna
Dez Williams - Ample
Univac - OSC Music
EOD - Depot Raiders

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

nanobot - Secret Places mix

All vinyl mix of the old, the new, the timeless
original house/techno aesthetic
recorded Friday November 9th by nanobot

Mr. Fingers, Chris Mitchell, Fairmount Squad, Powerbass (Kevin Saunderson), Reel By Real (Marty Bonds), 4th Wave, Da Sampla, 365 Black (Mad Mike), House Brigade (Kenny Dope), As One (Kirk Degiorgio), Omar-S, Dj Qu, Love From San Francisco, Andres, Keith Worthy, Shake, Hakim Murphy, Levon Vincent, Redray, Model 500/Mayday, Attica Blues, Bug Orchestra, Infiniti


Featuring three Z-bop artists and a legion of friends from around the globe - the Anti-Social Network presents the Electro Compendium.

A monolithic 116-track selection of myriad machine funk, available as FREE download in a variety of formats and also to stream via iOS app.

The text below says it all so would simply like to offer thanks here to Dave Paton and Jean Paul Bondy for the unenviable task of compiling this epic trove of music, and to all contributors for all their efforts - the breadth and quality of contributions is quite staggering.

From the initial proposal put forward on a facebook group this compilation has steadily grown into a truly Borg like monster.
Big ups the true electro hive mind, and for the rest of you, prepare to be assimilated.

for links to the app & bandcamp please visit


Kraftwerk invented it in the seventies. Hip hop jacked it in eighties. Techno took it underground in the nineties. And then strange things happened in the noughties. House and dubstep co-opted the word "electro", shifting its meaning and confusing people. Good people. People like YOU.

You've forgotten what real electro sounds like. But that's ok, because we're here to remind you. Electro is the sound of robots dreaming of a science fiction future, making machine music in their bedrooms with pulsing drum machines, while their keytars gently bleep. OK, maybe not so much the keytars, but probably some squelching synths, and sci fi samples and even the occasional vocoder, all washed down with lashings and lashings of funk.

Today, electro continues to evolve, embracing modern production techniques and digital sound design, mutating into something so alien it barely resembles most of today's dance music. And yet it does. It SO does, and we have over 100 tracks that prove it, from relentless hardcore dancefloor tracks to intricately tweaked bedroom chin-scratchers; from melodic retro tributes to the escapist soundtrack of science fiction futures.

So why not consider parting with the princely sum of exactly zero money and opening your ears to the amazingly free Electro Compendium? Who knows, you might even learn something.


released 11 September 2012
Compiled in 2012 by Dave Paton and Jean Paul Bondy

Track order by Jean Paul Bondy

Artwork and design by Geso, 2012.

Blurb by Damien Kiltsworth 

Friday, 11 November 2011

[EVENT] 'The Eleventh Hour'

Nonom Presents...

'The Eleventh Hour'
(The 'No-Nonsense-Music' Phonic FM Fundraiser)

Live from The Exeter Phoenix - 11/11/11 - 8-2PM

The 11th Hour... the future of independent radio is in jeopardy... in light of recent events we have gathered support from members of the electronic music community to aid us in keeping an independent voice alive in Exeter.  No expense spared, all profits go to Phonic FM.


We have great pleasure in presenting to you the following acts to help fight the cause of 'a sound alternative in Exeter'.

Main Room
Radioactive Man (DJ SET)
Jerome Hill (DJ SET - 2 hours)
Galaxian (LIVE)
+ Support from NONOM DJ's

Bar Area
Hot Dub Bikini Party (LIVE)
Majestic Soundsystem + Highest Grade
+ a selection of local DJ's from PHONIC FM

£7.50 Advance tickets (Phoenix box office)
£10.00 OTD 
An absolute bargain

 Arrive early to avoid disappointment as premier UK party wrecker Jerome Hill kicks the night off with a genre-defying selection of hip-hop, funk, techno, bass and all things wonk!  This will be followed by a militant DJ set by the legendary Radioactive Man.  Expect BIG BASS, 808's, robotic vocals, and a massive presence on stage - a balls to the wall electro bass workout!  If that isn't enough, rounding out the night will be a visceral live set of post-apocalyptic proportions from Scottish electro maverick Galaxian.
The bar area will be taking things on a slightly different level, with the amazing Hot Dub Bikini party.  Having just finished and released thier first album (The Fever), their 6pc band play an amazing live show of Dub, Reggae, Ska, Folk, and funk infused musical ecstacty - guaranteed to get you skanking like you've never skanked before.  If you have never seen these guys before then you are in for a big treat.  Supporting with will be the Majestic Soundsystem & Highest Grade, pumping reggae vibes to keep those behinds wiggling, and faces smiling during those somewhat tedious bar trips!
  • Powered by ProPa and their amazing Funktion One system.
  • Visuals by Tequila Dave

Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man is Keith Tenniswood, a producer and DJ known mainly for his partnership with Andrew Weatherall in The Two Lone Swordsman. Now years on from their last album together Radioactive Man is ready to unleash new solo material.

From a very young age when electronic music was kicking off throughout his home town of Weybridge and spreading to the raves in and around London, Keith soon became part of this collective from his meeting with Andrew Weatherall in the Sabres of Paradise Days. This started off Keith’s sonic deployment in the studio for Sabres linking his to the likes of David Holmes, Beth Orton, The Aloof, Red Snapper, Primal Scream, Jon Carter and Barry Ashworth, all previous to the band that he is always referred to being the other half of - Two Lone Swordsmen.

Two Lone Swordmen still have a firm hold on the heart strings of a generation and a time in electronic music, the album Tiny Reminders now has a ‘classic album’ status, with its raw machine funk and the depth of bass and soul that Keith has made his speciality.

His first album as Radioactive Man was self titled, released on Weatherall’s Rotters Golf Club label in 2001, his first solo long player from years in the studio had finally come together and the track that every artist has, and is always known the most for, Uranium, he shows he’s not only able to make bangers but truly emotionally stirring music. He then went on to become one of the first artists to contribute to fabric’s still to this day relevant and defining mix series. Booby Trap, is most definitely ‘a bit of a banger’ (his own words).
What soon became apparent is that Keith knows no genre, every track is distinct from the other but is always distinctly him. Full of Keith’s personality, as big in the flesh and on stage as in the music.

Come 2004, Two Lone Swordsmen’s Double Gone Chapel album released on Warp had shocked some from industry to fans from moving from electronica to both Weatherall and Tenniswood’s original inspirations dub and rock n roll. It was a new era for the partnership Keith on bass and guitar, Andrew on vocals and processed through the Two Lone Swordsman studio came the second phase of TLS.

Things then went quiet for TLS as both ventured into other projects, Keith decided to work with Christopher D Ashley playing guitar in his live band on the back of his Cruel Romantics album for Sunday Best as his third solo album Growl was released by Control Tower with the help of fabric.

Since Growl, Keith’s seen a few releases on his friend’s labels, one a collaboration with Luke Dumbstruck on Paul Blackford’s pure and resilient electro label Militant Science and Richard Wigglesworth’s Tudor Beats, a place for Wigglesworth’s explorative analogue acid output - both labels dedicated to two distinct niche sounds of underground electronics. This shows us something else unique about Keith, he does his own thing not what’s hot the moment, it’s always about real music and real people for him.

That leaves us with the many other tracks created by Keith frustratingly gathering static on his hard drive, a full album’s worth. Putting that album out however wasn’t a simple story, but now, finally it’s going to be released in the best format possible by the best people for the job from the heart of the scene that Radioactive Man was born into - WANG Trax.

Jerome Hill
DJ, Scratcher and Dot Joiner.

Jerome has an energetic DJ style with a strong presence behind the decks and has always believed in pushing things towards their limits, musically and technically through real time remixing and scratching using vinyl and two turntables, shunning the modern day image of the dj as someone sitting behind their laptop doing nothing, in a Jerome Hill set, there'll always be something to see, something changing, happening or about to happen.

Jerome Hill started DJing in 1990 and since his first residency on infamous 90's soundsystem 'JIBA', playing illicit warehouse parties across London and the UK he continues to bring his own take on electronic music to world renown hotspots Tresor (Berlin), House of God (Birmingham), Eurobeat 2000 (London), Circuito (Sao Paulo), Glade Festival (UK) and numerous other fun places!

Jerome has played tiny sweatboxes and massive clubs and festivals all around the world from Japan to Venezuala, Poland to Malta, Germany to Brazil.

Jerome is involved with and resident DJ at UK party/club Uglyfunk, which has been a mainstay in the capital for many years showcasing the type of techno that beatport doesn't want you to hear!

For seven years ending in 2004 he managed Camden Town's 'Dragon Disks' and 'Trackheads' record shops, punting out all manor of weird and wonderful music to London and it's visitors..

His label " Don't " has been releasing maverick technoid music since 2000 and his productions can be found on many other labels.

The New label Fat Hop (and new Pseudonym Itsu Uno) has kicked off with a bang, the releases topping charts and selling out fast and now a new alliance formed with a legendary hip hop crew (more on that later) means that there's much more to come!

His eclecticity and genuine love of music enables him to spin many different styles with his own style stamped on them .. from thundering techno, Breaks, electro, old skool right through to low slung funk, dancehall and party hiphop…. Although his favourite sets are the long ones where he incorporates all of the above and more.. A surprise is always just around the corner!

 Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the grimey murder capital of Europe provides the perfect environment for Galaxian's distinctive take to the electronic sound.

Influenced by the purveyor's of classic Detroit techno, UK electronica and more recently the myriad hybrid sounds and styles which are now at the forefront of electronic music. His mutant sound incorporates dark atmospherics, quirky and strange electronics, menacing baseline’s and creeping groove's fused with full on, twisted, mind warping hi-tek funk.

With a diverse and varied approach to sound production he fuses a variety of different styles and has found favour with discerning DJs and audiences from genres as diverse as electronica, dubstep , techno and electro.  An uncompromising approach and non conformist attitude deliver an ever evolving sound which is at once captivating, innovative and forward thinking.

Inspired by such subjects as imperialism, history, propaganda, psychology, political ideologies and their misuse's in the social structure and culture.  Sometime's disturbing, sometime's unsettling.  Never dull.

So far 2011 has been a busy year for Galaxian having played at a number of events around the UK. Absorbing live shows are powerful, intense and unforgettable experiences.
Currently releasing on a number of well respected labels in the USA and UK.  An EP recently released on Napalm Enema Records, an album released to rave reviews on premier electro label Transient Force, upcoming EP on DJ Stingrays label Micron Audio Detroit and a host of other exciting vinyl releases due in 2011.  Constantly pushing the musical boundaries, Galaxians unique and iconoclastic style continues to solidify his growing reputation as one of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent times.

Hot Dub Bikini Party
 Bio coming soon...