Wednesday 21 November 2012

NLOS-LS - nanobot dj mix

utilizing the abandoned 'rockets in a box' US military weapons programme
NLOS-LS 'Non Line Of Sight Launch System'
maximum yield, minimum footprint
with no fuss easy set-up and pack down instructions included.

Grey Goo - Lost Transmissions - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - VLF Device - Micron Audio Detroit
DJ Stingray - Know Your Enemy - UTTU
Univac - Radiation - Untitled B2 - Bunker 3092
Electronome - Minimal Dope - Viewlexx
Lory D - Acidattack - Numbers
Sonar Base - Intergalactic Anecdote - Scsi-AV
Ultradyne - Black Panther - Pi Gao Movement
Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice of World Control - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Machine - Satamile
Electronome - Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer - Viewlexx
Adam X - The Cyclone - Sativae
Der Zyklus - Cherenkov Radiation - Frustrated Funk
Dynamix II - Atomic Age - Rephlex
Drexciya - Anti Vapour Waves - Clone
The Ghost That Walks - Urban Jungle - Satamile
Clatterbox - Data Stream - Frustrated Funk
The Wee DJs - Ish - This Machine Is Broken
Q-Chip - Dead Level Abstraction - Bunker
Defekt -  Destroy Your Planet - New Flesh Records
Franck Kartell - Xena - Transient Force
Transportation AAD - U.F.UNK - Darkestral Recordings
The Ghost That Walks - Day of the Freaks - Zyntax Motorcity
Transportation AAD - Last Train To Lexington - Darkestral Recordings
Stingray313 - Signal Analysis - Micron Audio Detroit
The Ghost That Walks - Escape the Curse - Zyntax Motorcity
Industrial Bass Machine - Invisible Force - Battle Trax
The Ghost That Walks - The Angriest Angel - Satamile

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