Thursday 15 November 2012

nanobot - Code Front - electro mix

nanobot has been busy analysing data,
to bring you the tracklist for the recent Code Front mix

his processor has been swamped assimilating new music media,
following extensive repair protocols.

back-up procedures are now in place and our trusty droid is now
clearing the backlog ready for the next transmission...

keep your antenna trained on the NONOM Blog for further updates.

Code Front is also available on mixcloud

Klorex 55 - Mijouki
Marco Bernardi - Stormfighter 3.5
Klorex 55 - Nanotechnology
Koova - Flux Tube
Photodementia - Synovium
Son of Cybotron - Basic Terminology
DJ Overdose Y Mr Pauli - Vamos A La Haya E.P.
Microthol - Supergravity Solutions
Defekt - Aerodyne
The Exaltics - With the Lights Out
Clatterbox - Infinity Pool
Furthr - Fountain
Nanobot - Mr Malankey's Plott
Cygnus - Private Feelings
Morphology - Dalek Invasion
Franck Kartell - Sedna
Dez Williams - Ample
Univac - OSC Music
EOD - Depot Raiders

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